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Island Showcase - Your Vacation Guide to St. Thomas and St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

You deserve the best possible Virgin Islands Vacation!

Your perfect Virgin Islands vacation - all the information you need for a magnificant Virgin Islands visit is right here in Island Showcase on the Web. Everything from what to do, to where to eat, to where to stay is here — your most complete source of everything Virgin Islands for your visit.

Three main sections give you a complete Virgin Island resource:

Start with Island Showcase and watch some great videos about the Virgin Islands. Then check out the Island Store for beautiful items that will bring the spirit of the Islands into your world. Finally, the Island Guide is your most complete listing of what’s available to you in the Virgin Islands.

Enjoy your visit to our tropical island paradise!

Island Showcase web   Island Showcase web

Island Showcase is an in-depth video resource about the best of the Virgin Islands.

The Island Showcase TV program has been providing island visitors with the best source of information about the U.S. Virgin Islands for more than 20 years. Now you can watch all the sections of the program right here on the Internet! Great videos from the Island Showcase television program about Island culture and history, activities, shopping, dining, a walking tour of Downtown Charlotte Amalie, and more.

The current show is here in the Island Showcase section, plus the best of past shows from the past 20 years. Also, new videos will appear here at the same time they are released with the new monthly show.

Island businesses that care enough about reaching out to you during your visit to the Virgin Islands have become part of the Island Showcase TV program. You can see the videos and learn about them on their individual pages in the the Island Showcase section of this site.

So click on over to Island Showcase and see how to make the best of your visit to the Virgin Islands!

Island Store

Island Store brings you Virgin Island and Caribbean arts, crafts, clothing, DVDs, etc.

Bring the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean into your home and into your life with our Island Store products. Something about the Islands seems to awaken and restore your senses - the sun, the sand, the waves, the trade winds, the gentle sounds of the ocean, the peaceful island spirit - they help fade away the stresses of daily life. Feed your soul that beautiful Island feeling with arts, crafts, and other Island goods from the Island Store.

  Island Store

Island Showcase web   Island Guide to St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Island Guide is a comprehensive list of what’s available for you in the Virgin Islands.

The most complete listing of the Virgin Islands information you need is right here! The most restaurants, the most activities and excursions, the most shopping locations, the most everything. If it has to do with your Virgin Islands Vacation, you’ll find it here.

Featured Video on Island Showcase of the U.S. Virgin Islands